Free live demo: August 10th (1:30pm – 2:30pm)

Co-founders of Urban Acorn Catering and real life couple Chef Daniel Holloway and Marie Fitrion believe food should unite, not divide people. Looking to bridge the social gap between vegans and meat eaters, the duo joined professional forces in 2012, to create Urban Acorn Catering; a Toronto-based Flexitarian catering company focused on connecting communities through food.
With over 14 years in the culinary industry, Chef Holloway has catered for many high profiled clients such as Prince, former Lieutenant Governor Michaëlle Jean and Vegan athlete turned deputy general for the green party of Canada, George Laraque.
Fitrion manages day-to-day operations and event management, and has been planning and executing events for over 10 years. Her culinary contribution to Urban Acorn Catering is through her Haitian heritage, which compliments Chef Holloway’s signature style of refined comfort with a heavy French influence.