The Pan American Food Festival is brought to you by a talented team of dedicated professionals, many of whom volunteer their time to bring you a fun-filled event each year.

We thank all or our valued Team Members for their tremendous contribution.


Daniel Garcia-Herreros | Director

Francisco Alvarez | Chair

Mary Luz Mejia | Culinary Curator

Cony Calle | Development Director

Carmen Helena Bayona | Vendors Coordinator

Amanda Fruci | Media Director

Yvette Astorga | Wine & Spirits Coordinator

Duilia Antoni | Creative Director

Carlos Bolivar | Social Media Coordinator


Hugo Ares | Arts + Culture Coordinator

Ana Maria Carmona | Logistic Coordinator

Ricardo Delgado | Production

Lysbeth Mendez | Volunteer Coordinator

Maria Fernanda Martinez | Coordinator Discovering Panamerican Countries