Martha Mazzoleni was born in Montevideo Uruguay, and her love for the Latin American music was instilled in her by her parents from an early age. At the age of 4, she decided to be a harpist, but given her young age, her parents chose to put her in piano lessons.  At the age of 9, she began to take Paraguayan harp and accordion classes, and two months later, during a Christmas party, Martha had her first public presentation.  In 1970, the Master Benicio Godoy Alfonso becomes her Paraguayan harp teacher, who thought she could continue to share and pass on his musical legacy for years to come.  Since her beginning she had the opportunity to play at different stages and events allowing her to develop enough confidence to conduct success performances, even traveling along the whole Uruguay, part of Argentina as well South of Brazil where she demonstrated her harpist skills. She had the chance to performed on several occasions at the Solis Theatre -one of the most important theatres in Montevideo, with a capacity for 2000 people-, also at the Stella de Italia and the Notariado Theatres, having multiple appearances on various theatres, radio and TV stations. Martha’s goal is to show the richness of the Latin-American folklore, and the fusion of different traditional instruments from Latin American. Since her return to the music, Martha has performed in many private and public presentations. Also, she was in Toronto Talent, Hispanic Roots and has been featured in numerous articles in Toronto’s Hispanic papers such as El Popular, De Norte a Sur, SNAP South Mississauga News Paper, Abanico Magazine, La Guia Magazine etc

Martha-Mazzoleni_2Rory Garay Ferreira:
From very early age, Rory has shown strong interest in music and artistic expressions. On October 2010 he saw Martha Mazzoleni playing her harp and since that moment  he has selected the Harp as his instrument of choice after trying several others. On February 2011, he started his harp lessons with Martha and 5 months later he had his first show with her in a Paraguayan event.  On October 22, 2011, Martha’s second concert in Toronto, she introduced Rory as her legacy.

Solange Battilana 6 years old.
Solange love for Paraguayan Music started when she was very young. Her parents are from Paraguay and they instilled in her the love for their traditional music.   When she was 4 years old she asked to start harp classes after she saw Martha and Rory playing  in a Paraguayan Party (It was Rory’s first show with Martha). Solange started her classes 1 year ago, and since then she is been improving her skills as a young harpist.