Opening Night Gala: August 8th

Although growing up in Peru, Chef Ivan Tarazona discovered the culinary world after moving to Toronto, Canada. At the age of 15, he started in the restaurant business working in the front of house as a server assistant, quickly gaining interest in cuisine led to him becoming a cook. Tarazona learned the art of cooking in various kitchens such as Mistura under Chef Massimo Capra, and The Easy & The Fifth under Chef Didier Leroy & Chef Masauki Tamaru, to name a few, before settling at Celestin and then purchasing it from the former owner, then opening Ardor Bistro which quickly gained praise and accolades.
Tarazona creates simple, finely executed dishes combining a variety of unlikely ingredients. As a young chef, he is not afraid to stray away from convention, shown by his restaurant, Celestin offering a modern interpretation of bistro cuisine. Tarazona loves to experiment with carious cooking trends and gives them his own unique twists, with bold flavours inspired by his Spanish and Peruvian heritage.

Chef Tarazona will be providing exquisite Peruvian dishes for the opening night gala on Friday, August 8, 2014