Free live demo: August 9th (1:30pm – 2:30pm)

Eleni Herrera is thrilled to apart of the Pan American Food Festival as a Demo Chef. Although, she is a Greek-Canadian Eleni has embraced her husband’s culture through cooking the foods he grew up on in Peru. Eleni’s love of Peruvian cuisine started on the day her husband made Aji De Gallina for her on their first date. The flavors and texture of this comforting chicken dish went straight to her heart and sealed her passion for both man and food. Eleni runs a unique catering company specializing in empanadas – Eleni’s Empanadas. Along with the traditional Beef and Chicken Empanadas, she has created several varieties of empanadas inspired by the land of the Incas. Eleni is looking forward to sharing her passion for Peruvian food through demonstrating how to make Aji De Gallina Empanadas.