Totalmente Tamales: August 9th (6:30pm – 8:30pm)

Half Venezuelan, half Colombian chef and caterer at his own company, Sabrosito. Carlos is a graduate of Ottawa’s Cordon Bleu Paris Cooking School. Chef Fuenmayor has cooked in fine-dining restaurants, winning the loyalty of his clientele and earning the praise of influential critics. He has been Executive Chef of The Laurentian Room and Xango, and has cooked at Sen5es, Spinello, and in Ottawa, Café Henry Burger and Domus café.

Carlos has an extensive repertoire rooted in his classical French training and informed by the modern trends of the day. He is equally strong in French, Pan-Asian, Italian and Fresh Market cuisines, but he is best know for his Latin cooking.

Join Carlos Fuenmayor, chef and owner of Sabrosito Catering as he competes in Totalmente Tamales with his Venezuelan hallacas!