Four young artists from disparate points of the Americas come together in Pan/orama, an exhibition as diverse as the Pan American continent itself. These artists thoughtfully reflect on their lived experiences in Chile (artist Rafael Yaluff), Colombia (Abstractus), Cuba (Alejandro Santiago) and Canada (G N’S Projects).

Their unique points of view reflect wide-ranging themes such as pop culture mash-ups, sympathetic portraiture, sophisticated urbanism, and intense natural encounters. While these dynamic works are expressed in diverse mediums, from painting to performance, they are united by their creative originality and obvious affection for their subjects.

Through these arresting images, Pan/orama reflects a few of the multiple facets of life in North and South America, and the Caribbean.

Curated by Francisco Alvarez

All exhibited works are available for sale; interested buyers are asked to contact the curator at




The married Colombian artists Ximena Steevens and Mauricio Vélez create art together under the name Abstractus. In 2002 they combined their individual studios to collectively reflect on Truth and ways to find freedom in our turbulent world. Their explorations draw from their shared interpretations of life, and are influenced by their relationship and individual aesthetic experiences. Their 2011 series Multidimensional Boundaries for Somatic Automatism, combining photography, performance and performance, was created in Toronto, Montreal and Bogota, Colombia.

G N’ S Projects


G N’ S PROJECTS is the studio name of the Canadian collaborative husband and wife team, Gwendolyn Healey and Sean D’Andrade. Creating vibrant pop surrealist canvases since 2008, they have held solo shows in Toronto, participated in group shows internationally, and had their work acquired by the Bruce Bailey Collection. Painting figurative work since she was a child, Gwendolyn has participated in many group exhibitions, and had her first solo show at the ArtCenter/South Florida in Miami. Sean has created artwork with found objects and collage for many years, and has been an avid contemporary art collector for twenty years.



Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Miami, Alejandro Santiago began his photography career documenting the U.S tour of a rock band at the age of 18. While studying digital design at Parsons School of Design in New York City he began his journey of experimenting and studying with photography, lighting and design. Alejandro brings the studio to the streets, playing off landscape and his subjects to tell a story through his lens. His award-winning work has appeared in numerous international publications. He currently splits his life & work between Miami & Toronto.



Rafael Yaluff is a young Chilean painter who paints deep within the rainforest of southern Chile. Influenced by Impressionist painter Claude Monet and the philosophy of Husserl (“experience is the source of all knowledge”), in his paintings Yaluff visually interprets his deep and prolonged contact with the vitality and colours of Nature. His muscular and swirling canvases portray a profound experience of reality that could never be replicated in a studio or a photograph.